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Norrviva is a Swedish brand dedicated to creating beautiful, sustainable, and high-quality wallpapers inspired by Scandinavian design heritage. Our organic patterns, combined with traditional craftsmanship and responsible production methods, set us apart from other wallpaper brands on the market.

Feel free to use the provided material for your story, and don't hesitate to reach out if you require any additional information, product samples, or would like to schedule an interview with our founders. We would be more than happy to accommodate any requests to help you create an engaging and informative piece about Norrviva.

Our press kit includes:
- The story behind Norrviva and some key facts about our wallpapers,
- A Q&A section covering essential aspects of our brand,
- Team bios and contact information.

You can find high resolution and optimised images below. Please mention “Photo Credit: Norrviva” or any other credit as included in the file name.


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High Resolution Assortment images for print

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