Norrviva's designer sketching pattern Krokus

a timeless expression of Scandinavian charm & elegance

Our creative process is steeped in Scandinavian design tradition and inspired by nature's beauty.

We combine digital techniques with traditional craftsmanship, without limiting ourselves to trends or constraints. The process begins with hand-drawn sketches, inspired by sources such as flora, classic illustrations, or our imagination. These sketches are then digitised, and we spend days or even months until a pattern emerges with perfect flow and stunning dynamics.

Once the design takes shape, we enter the meticulous colour research phase. Our designer hand-mixes dyes to create combinations of hues and shades, often using earthy colours for a calming, tranquil effect.

We take pride in every step of our design process, striving to create masterpieces that celebrate craftsmanship and artistry.

We believe wallpapers are more than just wallcoverings; they contribute to the character and atmosphere of any space.

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Norrviva wallpaper Citrus Lapis Blue

Vibrant pattern with a Unique depth

We manufacture our wallpapers using traditional techniques such as surface print. The print is transferred to the wallpaper by engraved rollers. The surface underneath the paper is soft, adding a little unpredictability to the ink transfer. The wet-on-wet printing gives no drying time, occasionally making the colours bleed and giving a hand-painted feeling.

Looking at your wallpaper closely, you will notice minor variations, a vibrant expression and character distinct from modern printing techniques.

Although it is a mechanical process, much is still done by hand at the factory. Colour mixing, for example, requires years of experience to hit the spot.

Each roll is crafted with great care and attention to detail, ensuring the final product is not only of the highest quality, but also responsibly made.

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Norrviva's engraved rolls at the factory in Sweden

Responsible Production

At Norrviva, sustainability is at the heart of our process. Our wallpapers are made from Non-Woven material sourced from FSC-certified and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified suppliers. This blend of paper mass and recycled synthetic fibers ensures durability and ease of installation.

Our eco-friendly colors come from the Netherlands and are water-based, free of PVC, solvents, heavy metals, and harmful substances. We adhere to Swedish and European regulations, as well as REACH legislation, and recycle excess dyes in production.

Our factory's energy is CO2 compensated, with a growing focus on solar power. By the end of 2023, we aim to source most of our energy from solar panels. We also use transport certified sustainable by The Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Finally, we prioritize sustainable packaging materials, such as organic plastic film and Swedish-made paperboard, to minimize our environmental impact.

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Colours water-based and initially mixed by hand at the factory

A transparent manufacturing process

At Norrviva, we prioritise sustainability and responsible manufacturing. Transparency is key, and we carefully choose partners who share our commitment to eco-friendly production methods.

We hope this information helps you understand our production process and the difference you make by choosing Norrviva's sustainable wallpaper. Contact us to learn more.

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